Technical assistance and troubleshooting

Assistance during any kind of running problems, such as:
• piston running performance
• high consumption of lubricants and fuel
• Control system difficulties of conventional engines
• Components of common rail engines

Technical assistance after suffering engine damages

• Assistance / recommendations in emergency repairs
• Evaluation and supervision of permanent repairs
• Establish work list and spare parts requirement
• Assisting in the discussion with Classification and Underwriters
• Join vessel for re-commissioning and sea trial

Field Service

• Carry out any field service job such as regular maintenance and repair and supervision
  during dockings
• Organising / evaluation of capacities and capabilities field service jobs with a network of
  skilled personnel

General Maintenance

• Assistance in general maintenance planning and achieving extended
  Time Between Overhaul (TBO)
• Perform inspection / attending maintenance and overhaul periods
• Evaluation and engine assessment during general maintenance
• Assisting in classification survey and discussion with class in the interest of the owner
• Overhaul / repair of engine control and safety systems at conventional engines
• On board overhaul of high pressure fuel pumps of common rail engines

Planning of Repair Periods (dry-dock)

• Pre-inspections and evaluation of work to be done during repair periods
• Establishing lists of required parts during repair
• Evaluation of possible upgrades
• Complete overhaul of engine control system

Engine Performance Analyses and Trouble Shooting

• Engine performance trend analyses (yearly survey of parameters)
• Difficulties with the engine control system (local control, control room and bridge)
• Performance evaluation of common rail key components

Commissioning of New Vessels

• Consulting during building supervision (engine manufacturing, shop test, yard assembly)
• Attendance of commissioning and sea-trial and evaluation of results
• Evaluation of overhaul inspection after sea-trial
• Evaluation of engine alignment at the yard (crankshaft deflection / jack up tests)
• Evaluation, recommendations and supply of initial stock of spare parts
• Inspection of proper preservation and storage of spare parts on the vessel
• Consulting in setting up and customising maintenance system

Inspection of Second Hand Vessels

• General inspection of main engine condition
• Evaluation of performance parameter
• Evaluation of maintenance records and wear data
• Evaluation of Class records
• Checking amount and condition of spare parts on the vessel
• If required join vessel for an inspection voyage

Training on 2-stroke SULZER engines

• Crew training during visits and customized training seminars on the vessel or ashore

Spare Parts supply

• Supply of spare parts from proven manufacturers (OEM quality) and economic sources
  where suitable
• Assistance and advice on supplier selection
• Stock assessment and stocking recommendations

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